Q - What is it?

Quick Unique Information Technology Configuration Kiosk
We provide a unique data application building platform which enables you to build data applications quickly – even with no experience in the IT world. The Q-wizards enable and guide the application builder to easily CREATE | DESIGN | and BUILD applications – build data tables, relationships and their columns and Voila!! –There is your application.

Q - Why use it?

  • FAST to build applications - fraction of the time compared to traditional programming.
  • LOW COST of building applications.
  • ANYBODY can play - very user-friendly even for people with no experience in the field.
  • SUITABLE for the individual, small business, or large business.
  • LOW TOTAL COST of ownership of applications.
  • ABILITY to meet the MAJORITY of any business / company requirements.
  • GET RID of all the small loose-standing built applications (spreadsheet anarchy) normally associated with current software solutions which do not satisfy the client and end user.

Q - What it's not

  • Web application builder
  • Android and IOS App builder

Q - Key Features

  • Q is Quick
  • Q is cost effective
  • Short Turn Around Time for changes or additions to applications
  • Web Enabled capabilities for certain functions of the platform
  • Work Offline and Sync to central database functionalities
  • Extensive BI capabilities – Dashboards | Snap Reports | Static Reports | Pivots etc.
  • Capture data on tablets (all) through web interface
  • Access BI outputs with Tablets (all) through the web interface
  • User Defined Capture Forms (UDFs)
  • Q Importer – Convert Legacy programmes quickly
  • Suite of built-in application configuration toolset (wizards)
  • Audit Trail
  • Q is your Data Warehouse window for reporting on any database
  • Data validation | Referential integrity
  • Comprehensive Security Capabilities
  • Suite of look and feel options
  • Extensive Filter Toolset

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